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Many people are aware of the harmful effects of organic synthetic pesticides. But we do not know why we limit the use of chemical fertilizers in environmentally friendly agriculture and why chemical fertilizers are harmful.

Often it is said that the soil is dead or alive. Dirt is an inanimate object irrelevant to life and death, but why do we use the phrase "earth is dead or alive" and and why does such expressions get sympathy? These are references to ecosystems in the soil. There are microorganisms ranging from tens of millions to several hundreds of millions in 1 gram of soil.

Farmers are considered living creatures in the soil. From visible earthworms and mole crickets to invisible microorganisms, underground creatures soften the soil creating conditions for plants to live well. The soil that these underground creatures can live in is called the living soil, and the opposite case is called the dead soil. The use of chemical fertilizers kills these microorganisms therefor the use of these chemical fertilizers are being actively limited in environmentally friendly agriculture.

Now it is time to think about the health of nature beyond people's health. It is time for real farmers who live in the dirt and owners to become strong so that we can start true agriculture that makes the soil healthy.

We would like to make a proper and healthy world with all who visits our website and wants to start a good relationship with us.

We hope to be a friendly partner and assistant for all Eco-friendly pioneers(Eco-Leaders) who wants to create a good environment and quality products at the same time.

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