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Company Overview

We will be your friendly guide for Eco-friendly Certifications

Beyond individual health and for our one and only earth, along with happiness and health of humanity, the base of eco-friendly agricultural products should be expanded and the range of organic products should be broadened.

However, many people still think that getting certified is difficult, which prevents them from joining the environmentally friendly category.

Eco-Leaders Co., Ltd. will be your friendly guide to complicated certification work.

We will provide you with the best professionalism and reliability through the highest quality professional auditors and certification system in Korea.

We are a specialized certification body for eco-friendly certification and organic processed food certification, which has a comprehensive certification system that can certify not only production and distribution of eco-friendly agricultural products but also processing.

Given the fact that most of the raw materials for organic processed food in Korea relies on imports, we are actively responding to certification of overseas agricultural products by placing specialists for eco-friendly certification of imported agricultural products.

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