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Crop/LivestockCertification Procedures

Certification Procedures

1. Main Steps

  • Apply for Certification
  • Certification Audit
  • Notification of Audit Results
  • Production & Shipment Investigation
  • Commercial Product Investigation

Audit Procedures

Receive certification application ⇒ Establish plans for certification audit ⇒ Notify audit plans ⇒ Establish Audit team, Execute Audit ⇒ Notification of decision as to results of audit (Issuance of certificate if compliance with certification standards)

2. Certification Method

If the producer wishes, he / she shall be notified whether the certification criteria has been met and approved for certification, and then only the approved agricultural products shall be labeled with the appropriate certification mark for shipment.

3. Post Management

Conduction of commercial products such as whether the contents of the product matches the label and if any violations of the certification standards are found, administrative dispositions and accusations are made.