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Processed FoodCertification Process

Certification Process

1. Organic processed food product certification procedures

Organic processed food product certification procedures

2. Apply for Certification

Those who want to be certified should attach documents such as certification form (Appendix 11 of the Enforcement Law), a copy of the food item manufacture report, the organic handling plan, and the documents certifying that the raw materials and additives meet the certification standards. When applying, the applicant will pay the prescribed fee set by the Certification Body. The attached "Organic Handling Plan" can be completed according to the form provided by the certification body.

3. Review Documents

The certification body reviews whether the contents of the submitted documents conform to the legal standards. If there is any inappropriate content, the applicant will be notified and requested for correction.

4. On-site Audit

If there is no flaws as a result of the document review, the certification body sends a designated auditor to the operation site of the applicant. The auditor should not have any personal or profitable relationship with the applicant, and based on the objective facts, the auditor evaluates whether the organic handling system of the site conforms to the standards of the law and based on these facts the auditor prepares the audit report. Although the audit report is the basic data for the certification body to decide whether or not to certify, the audit report alone does not determine the certification.

5. Certification Results

When an audit report is submitted, the certification body reviews all information related to the applicant, as well as the audit report, to determine whether it is qualified. The designated auditor sent to the applicant's place of business can not participate in the judging process and can not comment on the rulings.

6. Issue Certificate

If it is judged as the operation site of the certification applicant has the required organic handling system which meets the legal standard, the certification body issues a certificate to the applicant. If it is judged to be inappropriate, it will take measures such as notification of nonconformity, re-evaluation after improvement, and additional examination depending on the case.