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Organic Handling


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Organic HandlingApplication Method

Application Method

1. Main Procedures

  • Apply for Certification
  • Certification Audit
  • Certification Results
  • Investigation on production/shipping processes
  • Investigation on Commercial Products

Audit Process

Application Registration ⇒ Establish Certification Audit Plan ⇒ Notify Audit Plan ⇒ Establish Audit Team / Audit ⇒ Notify Certification Results(Issue Certificate if appropriate with Certification Standards)

2. Certification Method

If the handling company wishes, they will be audited and notified whether they are qualified with the certification standards and only the products which have been approved may use the certification mark for shipment.

3. Post Management

Investigate commercial products, such as whether the content materials match the label and administrative disposition and accusations are made if any violation of certification standards are found.